Making Your Car Photogenic


Whether you’re deciding to sell it, show it, or just show it off a little bit, a car is one of those possessions that tends to make it into photographs.  Although the portrait of oneself standing next to (or worse, on the hood of) their car has become a tired and laughable cliché, there are ways of taking pictures of your ride that don’t cause automatic grins of the wrong kind.  This means that taking pictures of the vehicle is inevitable, and it can be an important part of one’s image.  It’s worth it, then, to take some time getting to learn a thing or two about photographing a car.

It’s not something that comes second nature to most people.  It’s also something that can’t be learned in the saturn online manual.  There are certain technical things that will come in handy to know, especially when it comes to taking photos of a moving car, but it’s really more useful to know how to polish what parts of the motor in order to make the most spectacular visual appeal.  That’s a different kind of technical knowledge altogether.  Like anything that has to do with beauty, photographing a car requires a combination of personal interest and skill.  Knowing how to set up a shot is important, but so is knowing what angles the car is the most appealing.  Intuition and reason can both help an awful lot, but nothing will be more valuable than practice.


While  gmc online repair manual is useful for understanding the insides, and a photography handbook is good for the outside, a car photographer knows both of those as well as all the in betweens.  There are some angles that are just more appealing and dynamic, for example, and these are true for any subject.  But there are specifics about one’s own car that are entirely personal, and these can range from the best weather conditions for photographing a road test, to knowing the best time of day to take the image on digital recordings.


In general, the same rules that apply to any object do apply to cars.  If there are bright colors, make sure they shine.  Find the most exciting angles, and find unusual perspectives from which to gaze.  If there are places where there are variations in texture, use those,  Cameras are like light, and light likes reflecting off of bumps, curves, and indentations.  With a little practice, anyone can have a very decent picture of their vehicle, one that can contain the image and still speak to a contemporary audience.




4 thoughts on “Making Your Car Photogenic

  1. Tannis Hollander

    Many cars are outstanding examples of modern industrial design, with sleek lines and elegant contours. They are challenging photography subjects however due to their reflective surfaces and large size. It’s best not to use a flash – so bring your fastest lens if your subject is an auto!

  2. Perry Douglas

    You know, if your car is really valuable, and your trying to sell it, and you don’t have much skill in shooting pictures … it might be worth it to hire a local pro photographer for the assignment. Since they will be able to capture it in a much more flattering way, you will be able to market it to a wider audience and command a much higher asking price.

  3. Jose Perez

    Don’t forget the interior shots when photographing your car! The dash and instrumentation are of particular interest to most car enthusiasts. Don’t use a flash and take lots of photos — including closeups of complex instruments such as the air conditioning. Also, shoot some pix of the entire seat, including the headrest. Make sure there’s plenty of light and the focus is crisp.

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