Using Photography in Home Decorating

When decorating your home is easy to feel as though you are simply re-creating rooms and spaces that you found in home magazines. Using photography in your home decorating is one way that you can completely personalize your space and add personality, style and detail that is uniquely yours. Whether you are enhancing your living room, bedroom or even home office, the impact of a well-placed photograph can be tremendous. The type of photographs that you choose says a lot … Read the rest

Snapping Photos of the Race

With the ubiquity of camera phones and digital cameras that produce extremely high quality images, more and more people are capturing images of the races they attend.  Mostly they wind up on social media sites or personal blogs, but here’s the thing: a lot of those pictures are actually really good.  But whether you just want a good action shot or are trying to get a picture of a specific racer like Scott Tucker, taking good pictures of a … Read the rest

The Top Photo Sharing Sites

Millions of people in the modern world have grown accustomed to sharing their photos online, and providing for their friends and family an endless photo stream of their exploits, life, and events. And it’s great; it’s never been easier to take and share photos across the board as you work to develop your photography habits and build your photo archives.

With all that being said, several photo apps and sharing sites stand out above the rest when it comes to … Read the rest

Finding Internet Start Up Funding

Like any other business, internet start ups need capital in order to establish their business and begin marketing that business to bring in customers and to turn a profit. Internet start ups might operate in a slightly different manner than brick and mortar businesses; however, they are not immune to the need for funds for overhead, supplies, equipment, payroll, and more. Unfortunately, unlike a well-established business or brick and mortar start ups, it can often be difficult for internet-based businesses … Read the rest

Photography Losses a Legend, Michael J. Marten Dies at 54

Photography is an art form. While anyone can point a camera and take pictures, but to truly excel requires true talent, a trained eye, and a creative mind. While there are certain skills, such as adjusting lighting, that can be acquired over time, those that are blessed with God-given talent are much fewer and farther between. On Monday night the photography world lost one of those greats.

Michael J.Marten, born in Brazil and later moved to Queens New York, photographed … Read the rest

Making Your Car Photogenic


Whether you’re deciding to sell it, show it, or just show it off a little bit, a car is one of those possessions that tends to make it into photographs.  Although the portrait of oneself standing next to (or worse, on the hood of) their car has become a tired and laughable cliché, there are ways of taking pictures of your ride that don’t cause automatic grins of the wrong kind.  This means that taking pictures of the vehicle … Read the rest

Getting Ghosts on Film


For anyone who has had a fascination with ghosts all their lives, the idea of taking a photograph of an ethereal form is a fascinating proposition.  There are plenty of suggestions for the beginning photographers of the spirit world, and some of the suggestions seem even credible in some ways.  But it is always a good idea to be willing to take a step back if the suggestions also involve offers to buy things like electromagnetic field detectors.  These … Read the rest

Photos and Art

A lot of people claim that the arts are a great form of self expression and can also become a positive therapeutic tool. And with the ever increasing amounts of stress that we all face in our daily lives, any form of release and personal therapy is essential. With that in mind, a lot of people are exploring art forms, such as painting and photography, for which they have always had an interest but never pursued. This can come in … Read the rest

Arbus: The Other Snipe

In any form where the ephemeral is recorded and represented, the bulk of the artist’s time is spent on perfecting the art of the capture.  The only thing that comes even close to the precision of photography is in sound art.  Although there are arguments for and against the manipulation  of finished products, even if there are no intentional modifications, photo files and sound files are fairly standard versions of literal representation.  In terms of how the viewer or listener … Read the rest

Good Deals on Tires

Finding the best deals when shopping isn’t just an activity for women buying shoes or groceries. Plenty of men are interested in where to get a good deal on electronics, sporting goods, or tires. Gender cliches aside, there is no excuse for anyone to pay full sticker price for any item — they just need to learn where to find deals.

In the case of car tires, one of the first things to look for is package deals. These may … Read the rest